Making fences from strip wood

I have often been asked where did I buy my fences from, my reply has always been "I scratch built them" So I thought I might share with you all how I make them.
I use 1/16" square for the main stringers, and strip wood for the struts. Contact adhesive is used to glue it all together, here in the UK it's called "EVO-STICK" or "BOSTICK" White wood glue is not recommended because it will take far too long to go off. With contact adhesive, it takes less time than you think to adhere, if you coat both pieces and leave it for around 1/2 minute. Then place the two together.
Photo "A" shows a finished and weathered fence. 
Photo "B" shows a partly made fence and the wood needed to make another.
Photo "C" shows that I cut the strip wood down the middle for the struts. Rolling the knife.
Photo "D" shows the start of the fence.
Photo "E" the completed fence.

I stain most of my timber structures and fences with proper wood dye and a cloth to apply it with.