Making a lift out

I don't know how many of you are thinking about a lift off section for your Railroad, but as I have just completed one I thought I would explain how It was built for easy lift off.

I made my lift off section by utilising two pieces of plywood, one for the bottom with four holes drilled into it in each corner and the other with bolts inserted to match the holes on the bottom piece. To make sure everything was accurate, I clamped the two plywood pieces together and drilled the holes through both.

Once this has been accomplished, I inserted the bottom plywood base into the layout using 1 square framing and screwed it to the baseboard. The top pieces of plywood were suitably sceniced, and handles placed underneath for easy lift out if, and when needed.

Make sure that the hole in the lift out section is large enough to accommodate your waistline. I made mine at 1-6 by 1-2.